Sunday, July 14, 2013


What is your truth?  I mean your truth not your ancestors, parents or friends but yours. I have been taught that the past stays there, it already happened and cannot be changed.  There were/are lessons to be taken but only take the lessons not the problems.  They are not yours and honor nobody.  The future has not happened yet.  The moment that matters and propels your truth is this one, the present moment.  We need to know it, understand it, make the best of it.  We do not need to dwell some place else and contemplate the "what if", "should have" and "because" or excuse it into the future.  We need to be present now! 
This is a difficult way of being for most of us because it is not how we are taught and in this world there are so many distractions and fears of what might be and what has been that what is gets lost yet it is all that matters.  This focus also places responsibility on ourselves and, well, that can be a very hard pill to swallow especially when we are so disconnected from who we are.  If someone asked you to tell them about yourself what would you say?  Would you give them various titles of the roles you play at work and at home?  Ok, those count to some degree but when you sit with yourself...who are you?  I wager to bet that most of us cannot answer that question.  So how can we know our truth?
Study yourself and the world you live in, teach yourself in every thing that you do.  What did you learn while you were washing those dishes, picking food in the garden, typing at work, praying for a friend?  When we have a connection to who we are, not what we are, we have a connection to each other and the environment we live in. 
I ask you to seek your truth from within and stop looking outside of yourself because it only dwells inside of you.  Let it set you free!  I join you on this path.