Sunday, February 9, 2014


So much of my growth, healing, strength and courage stems from my spiritual life.  I honestly believe that when that is missing it is near impossible to have strength,courage or live in a good way.  A persons' spirituality is his/her own.  No matter what it is that path needs to be walked in a good way, with intention and integrity.  None of us are perfect but a true spirituality does not demand perfection just dedication.  My biggest peeve and where I find sadness is seeing so many people only giving good lip service.
 Our actions are our only true belongings and the foundation on which we stand.  This is one of the most profound teachings for my life from my practice and belief in the Zen Buddhist ways of Mindfulness.  These ways have ushered me through some of the most difficult times of my life: the middle & last stages of my late husbands' life with cancer, his death and my new beginning.
I would have sunk without this part of my life.
 I started on this road in late 2008 with my late husband.  I grew up Catholic.  From the time I was able to understand that there were other religions and spiritual ways I was curious because the religion I grew up with never felt right to me.  My parents were pretty devoted to it and I grew up with wonderful examples of people walking their talk in that way and having deep faith.  I have had and still do have examples of people in my life whom also do this as Catholics.  Whether or not I agree with what they believe in  does not so much matter to me as it does that I see their deep faith and integrity.  I am not talking about dogmatic fanaticism in people just genuine belief and practice.
Honestly, I cannot give you a complete history of the Buddha or tell you everything that Buddhism encompasses.  I can tell you about the teachings I receive and the ways that they impact my life.  I  hold them in my heart and walk with them through my days.  I have found another way that I feel is compatible and enhancing to my practice and that is part of my heritage as a Native American.  Both ways enhance my life.
I have a dear friend whom walks with integrity in his ways.  I have great respect for him for this reason.  Early in our friendship he made a comment that my ways seem to serve me well.  For me that was a huge compliment.  It still is and in weak times I draw strength knowing that someone recognized that in me.
I believe that spirituality with integrity plays a vital role in living a Holistic life and having good health.  Body, mind & spirit are one.  They are not separate.  Sometimes these statements are taken as an attack or judgement but that is not the intention.   When we find ourselves, our whole selves, that need to defend lessens which has an enormous effect on us mentally and physically. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of people who have no idea who they are so they attack and in my experience the people that they attack are the people who walk with integrity and self worth.  Self worth is not the same as arrogance or selfishness.  It is knowing who you are and walking your talk with confidence and faith.
Search out your spirituality and remember that you already have everything that you need to be happy.  It is innate so start with yourself.
Make it so! :}