Thursday, October 17, 2013


I am a pretty calm person.  Through the hits I have taken in my life and my deep, committed spiritual path I have found my peace and ease.  I feel like I have earned this even though they were present in me all of time.  I just did not know it.  In the last several years I have become aware of these parts of myself and I cherish them.  I do not want to go back to stressing out over  things, people or situations, feeling overwhelmed and anxious if things don't go as planned or dictated, etc.  I took my punches and the lessons they brought and I am happy, content, in my life and in my peace and calm.  I am finding lately that these attributes are viewed as liabilities instead of positive achievements.  Our society, no our world, has become so jaded that a peaceful, calm, at ease person is too shy and laid back.  Ha!  There is not a shy bone in my body.  I will talk to anybody about anything.  I stand up for myself when I have too.  I am the most important person in my world (this way of being is also misunderstood).  I do not want to put on a show for people to be accepted because, being honest, I don't really care if someone likes me or not.  What you see is what you get.  I am fiercely loyal and maybe a bit to protective of the people I love and care for.  I will go above and beyond for these people and the beliefs that I hold dear.

I am troubled that in these times a person at peace is a kind of freak.  I am all for getting your freak on that is one reason I live in the city I live in but since when is  inner peace a freak quality?  Is it really so far beyond most of our comprehension that we have deemed it unreal?  There are people spending unbelievable amounts of money and time searching to achieve this and not realizing that they already possess it.  They just have to let go, let be, open up and recognize it.  No more playing the victim, no more excuses, no more dependence on external stuff  or other people for happiness.  It's all you and once realized you find the connection we all share in nature, in spirit and in each other.  Dependence is not the same as connection.
So go on git...find your freedom and your peace!