Friday, May 28, 2010

For the ladies

Hi ladies,

I suffer crazily every month during my period. I am usually nauseated the day or night before and puking the next day all day. I sweat unbelievably the first few days and the cramping is so bad I can't do anything but roll in a ball. The cramping goes down my legs too. Fun times. So I have tried a little of this and a little of that sometimes yielding temporary relief but it has turned out to be short lived every time. I have made one discovery that I still don't quite have an answer too but that fascinates me. The moon & my period seem to be on a cycle. My worst months lately have started on the day of a full moon and there is a full moon during my period every month. It is strange. I have seen my GYN and actually switched this year to a new one because my other whom I have seen for years did not want to do anything or check it out. She told me last time I saw her that I would have to live with it. Well, that is not acceptable. Of course her office never has faxed my records to the new GYN who wants them before we do anything else. Anyway, last time we were at our Naturopath's office I asked her assistant if she had anything for really bad cramps and she gave me some Chinese herb teapills called Great Corydalis made by Plum Flower Brand and let me tell you these little pills are miracles in a bottle. I started taking them this month the day before my period started. I have not been nauseous or puked once & no sweating. I still got cramps but they have been very tolerable in comparison and only travelled down my legs one day for a few hours. I am so impressed with these teapills. Nothing...Nothing else has worked. I have seen this brand of herbal supplements at Whole Foods but do not know if they carry this specific teapill. The herbs in them are Ccorydalis yanhusuo rhizome & Angelica dahurica root. I would think that an herb store might sell these teapills or these herbs if they sell Chinese herbs. Corydalis is a powerful herbal painkiller. As with all herbs and everything we take talking with a knowledgeable professional is always a smart idea before taking anything. Some people think that because something is an herb or natural it is no big deal and that is not true. Herbs and supplements can be very powerful meds and no one should blindly start taking them. They, like pharmaceuticals, can have interactions with other meds,herbs,etc. and some medical conditions can't handle them. What I love is that they are natural and they work. I have a wonderful doc to advise me and I am pretty good at doing my homework. Those things said if you have problem periods like I do check into these little miracles so you can smile that week and not cry.

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