Monday, March 21, 2011

simple Facts on Why to Buy organic

If you need a reason to buy organic here are a few....1 billion pounds of pesticides which equals out to 5 pounds per person are being applied to our food in the United States. That is about 10,000 chemicals in our food. About 2% of pesticides and herbicides serve their intended purposes. The soil, water and air absorb the rest. Over time pesticides are stored in animal and human tissues, the fatty tissue of plants and especially the fatty tissues of humans. These are toxic and primarily affect the liver, nervous system and kidneys and contribute to nerve damage, brain dysfunction, poor nutrient metabolism, birth defects and the big C - cancer.
When shopping for organic foods look for the certified organic label because that means that at least 95% of the food is organic. If it is simply labeled organic that means that only 70% of the food is required to be organic. I am not saying not to buy it if it isn't certified, this is an expensive process for farmers, and 70% is better than non organic in my opinion. Now if you are shopping at local farmer's markets that sell organic produce you might find that they are not all certified again b/c it is an expensive, time consuming process but you can talk with the farmers about their growing methods and decide for yourself. Going organic really is important not only for our environment but for our health. You wouldn't spray a can of Raid in your mouth or eat ant bait so why is it ok on your food. Once it is sprayed on it is in there.

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