Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My husband & I are in a funny and perfect situation when it comes to our best friend. We have the same amazing angel for a best friend. She lives out of state now and for the past 3 years which is hard sometimes but it works. It is a long distance friendship that feels closer and more special most days than any friendship ever has. Dana is the wife of one of Paul's former band mates so that is how we all know each other. Dana goes out of her way to make sure we know she's got our back no matter what in everything. She makes time for us in her extremely busy schedule which always amazes me. She & Paul are night owls so they get to talk on the phone more which is fine with me. Dana is the therapist we both need sometimes and I am so grateful that my husband has her to talk to. Hopefully we give back as much as we get. She is in town for a visit and the minute she walked through the front door a calm and relaxation blanketed our house. We don't see friends that much any more. Canser has a way of cleaning house I guess. So for both of us it has been a long time since we just hung out with a friend. Especially me with a girlfriend. Any stress I had just melted away. You cannot beat spending time with your best girlfriend even if you are just sitting together at the table talking about nothing. I had to work yesterday but came home to a more relaxed husband and a clean kitchen. Yep, Dana worked her magic and took my husband out for the afternoon to hang with some other girlfriends & their little ones. He had a great time with the ladies and new babies. I'm jealous. I am doubly lucky because my husband is a terrific girlfriend on his own. I am not putting down his masculine side because there is no doubt that he is a man but he hangs out with the girls and enjoys it. :} she will be back next weekend and I can't wait. If I have learned anything over the past few years it is the importance of loving,caring supporters in my (our) life and we have a few. We need to take the time to appreciate these people as much as possible for being a part of our lives and a positive force in them. I am so grateful! I can't wait to move to her city. It is a city we have been planning to move to for like 5 years now..we love it and when they moved there we were sad that they were leaving but we were so happy that they were going to be there too. Anyway true friends are like angels or gifts from angels. Love them& thank them often.

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