Wednesday, April 21, 2010

toxic ingredients

I highly recommend a magazine called Natural Solutions. I found it Monday at the ecologist's office. I flipped through it and from the looks of it was probably the only one who had. The March issue has great info. in it. Articles on eating for alkalinity, eco friendly non toxic female products and the importance of that, detoxing the right way in accordance with our bodies' own abilities,etc. There is a list on line of toxic chemicals to look for in body care products & make up which is very helpful. Most of the products on that list are in everything lining the shelves. So I thought I would share some of the things we use because I have been pretty conscious of this stuff for awhile but especially so when cancer dropped in. First thing to know is that nothing enters my house that is animal tested. That has been a golden rule for my entire adult life and in my choices as a teenager.
Nature's products & hand soaps
Dessert Essence...face wash & body lotion
Badger Balm....healing balm for hands & feet
Aubry...aloe for face
Lily of the Valley....aloe gel for body
No Miss nail polish & remover
Tom's toothpaste & Paul likes one of the bar soaps
Dr. Bronner's liquid soap for a body wash
Seventh Generation dish soap
Whole Foods 365 brand or BioClean laundry Soap
Bon Ami... scrubbing cleanser
Vinegar Water...homemade clean with
lemon clean with

I do not wear makeup so I am not a big help there but I do use Alba lip gloss, Dr. Bronner's Magic All in One lip balm & Gabriel Color lipstick. I admit that I am not sure the ingredients of the lipstick. I put my trust into Whole Foods which is where I bought it.
A good guideline when buying these products is to remember that what goes on your body goes in your body so if you wouldn't feel comfortable eating it leave it.
Have a great day!

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