Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have had some pretty intense conversations/situations the past few days. I have learned a lot from them. The big messages I received were that everything happens for a reason even if it seems hopeless, overwhelming and dire. There is a lesson, a message, a change coming out of those tough times. You need the mud to get the lotus. Also, spiritually speaking God is in all things so God is a part of me, you, the rain, the sun, the birds singing, the people we are having problems with and with this understanding and belief comes the knowledge that we do not have to worry, try to control, or freak out over something because God is present. Now I can't say these are new concepts to me but I am seeing it all in action as an observer through some of my friends right now. I, honestly, know it personally as the main character through the situations in my life over the past few years and especially the last 10 months. Over the last few days I have been given the opportunity to use my experiences with traumatic events in my life to help others. That is one of the reasons I had to experience those situations, i.e. almost dying and dealing with crazy physical issues, my husband having crazy cancer and him passing. I have believed in their meaning in my life for a while now but in the past few days that got put to work. It felt good to acknowledge and understand these things and know that my suffering is a gift that allows me to ease the suffering in others even if it is temporary easement. So after a morning of emotional talking I left my place to run some errands and as I was driving up my street a raccoon walked out onto the sidewalk. I am an animal lover so seeing him/her immediately brought a smile to my heart. I pulled over in front of these peoples' house and started talking to it. It just stared at me with beautiful eyes and ran up a tree but came out on a big limb and stared at me some more. After about 15 minutes we broke our staring contest and he climbed down and ran into the neighboring backyard but he stopped once and looked back at me. I tell you this because I felt overwhelming peace and happiness in the presence of the raccoon. God was in that little furry masked face. I am pretty sure that my husband, my dad or my sister asked God to give me a sign that all is well and so I got the raccoon, who was missing his/her tail. The people living in that house probably thought I was a nut but so be it. People have thought worse of me.
We are always connected, part of the whole and like a great friend of mine believes if we move in the flow life unfolds perfectly. It might not always be a pretty package but without the mud the lotus is not possible. Keep your minds and hearts open and find your groove in the flow.

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