Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today I am having a HUGE Ahha moment. For about a week I have not felt well physically. It has not been the usual and obvious winter flu kind of not feeling well but something different. Something deeper if that makes any sense. For a few days I thought I had it figured out, food sensitivities and detoxing. I still believe that these things are playing a role as I have been seriously playing around with my diet but they are not working alone. Emotionally I have been feeling all over the board and overwhelmed. HELLO, Miss studying Holistic nutrition and just now putting those things together. Sometimes it takes time to get into the practice especially on one's self. So I gave myself a good talking too and asked for all of the emotions associated with the overwhelming situations to come forward so I could acknowledge and release them. Talk about turning on the waterworks and feeling the need to throw up. It makes perfect sense. As I am trying to purge strong held emotions and memories I am manifesting that process physically and it is not pleasant. An example is that if I feel physically sick or have physical symptoms I turn them into a life threatening illness. A headache does not represent brain surgery and fatigue and digestive issues do not always mean cancer. You see in my past I had consistent, life disrupting headaches for a period of time that ended up being the result of a brain abscess. I had to have brain surgery and was the recipient of some lovely side effects. I almost did not make it and it was possible that I would not be a functioning person afterwards...so I was later told. This experience was a living nightmare but I am alive and a very functional person today. My late husband had backaches and weight gain followed by rapid weight loss. It turned out to be a stage IV cancer. Huh?!! Both situations were scary as hell and life changing in both good and bad ways. It is understandable why I associate not feeling well with serious illness but I have to retrain my brain that this is not always the case.
Our emotions do not just go away. Many times we stuff them away or ignore them as a way of dealing with them. But, where is away and since when did ignoring something do anything but allow it to continue or get out of control? I am not professing to be a great guru of emotional release by any stretch of the imagination. I am working on practicing it seriously though. I learned about it a few years ago through the books of Louise Hay and Dr. Bernie Segal as well as through Quantum Touch therapy. I recently rediscovered it after a long over due session of energy healing. This might all sound very woo woo but let's put some perspective on it. It is a very well documented and accepted fact that stress can cause and is a definite factor in many illnesses and we know that stress is an emotional response that triggers physiological actions. Our emotional and spiritual selves are very real and need to be given as much attention as our physical self. They are not different. They are parts of the whole which is us as human beings. Our well being is not just referring to our physical self. It requires the physical, emotional and spiritual in order to be complete. We require the health of these three aspects of our being in order to be healthy human beings. I am not going to assure you that to cure your headache, backache, etc. you need need to get right with yourself on an emotional and spiritual level but I am going to invite you to give that an honest try. It is not pleasant to bring up painful emotions or overwhelming questions about life but doing so allows you to acknowledge that at one time they were real, at one time, not necessarily now so holding on to them is not of any benefit to you. This is a process worth trying. A great resource I have found in emotional release is The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin.
So next time you get some time to yourself and decide to treat yourself to a spa day or a massage throw in some time for some emotional pampering as well and know that you are truly doing your body good.

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