Thursday, May 31, 2012

A new use for those too small jeans

So today I am going to write a nonserious post about something I did.  I have been gifted with many lessons and amazing experiences in the last week or so and I will share some of them but I am still processing and want to be able to collect my thoughts before I type them.  So today's funny is about exercise.  We need to do it to be healthy.  There are many schools of thought on just what this means.  I think it is all individual.  I am the furthest thing from a person dedicated to physical fitness.  I do make the effort to do something at least 30 minutes per day.  That usually means walking in my neighborhood or at a park.  Portland is great because there are many parks and there are hills and slopes everywhere.  Truthfully that last one is my antagonist but I have developed an appriciation for them.  Recently I have expanded out of most of my clothes?????? Beer, bread, coffee and being a female approaching 40 have everything to do with it but as you might guess I am not happy about it and do not want to buy new clothes in a bigger size.  I am determined to fit back into the clothes I wore last summer.  So this morning I jumped and squirmed into a pair of jeans that are a size ot two too small these days but I managed to get them on and buttoned.  I decided to take a walk in my neighborhood in these jeans even though I felt like I was packed into them.  So, off I strode and soon I was headed uphill.  I noticed that these jeans provided a bit of resistance for my thighs and hips and I laughed to myself thinking who needs those exercise bands when we can just pack ourselves into our low rider, 100% cotten jeans that are a size or two too small.  I might look a little frightening on the sidewalk but who cares.  It does take you a little longer to reach your destination though.  Baby Steps, they are the only possibility.
Good luck!

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