Friday, June 8, 2012

Pizza, my way

I have yet to meet a person that does not like pizza.  I love it.  I especially love my pizzas.  They are pretty much the same except for variances in the crusts.  I do not make my own crusts.  I have never had luck making much from scratch that required a dough other than cookies.  So my pizzas are experiments with different things like pita rounds and organic ready made pizza doughs.  I have had great luck with both.  I tend to prefer thin crust so pita rounds are my favorite choice but if I am in a carb craving mood I buy a ready made pizza dough and essentially make, what I consider to be, pizza bread because I can never get it rolled out thin.

Choose your crust
spread with a tomato paste (preferably one with no added sugar like the Whole Foods 365 brand)
Sprinkle a generous amount of Oregano
chop 3-4 cloves garlic and spread them evenly
Slice a small yellow or red onion and lay the rings out (to taste)
crumble black olives(to taste)
Slice one large Roma tomato and lay the slices on top

Preheat your oven.  I like to line a round cookie sheet with natural parchment paper for the baking.  Easy clean up!
Bake per pizza dough instructions or for the pita rounds at 350 for about 15 minutes.
Slice and serve with Extra Virgin Olive Oil drizzled over the entire slice and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes.

I prefer this so much to adding cheese which you can do but give it a shot with the olive oil. 
Artichokes, mushrooms, pineapple, spinach, etc. make great additional toppings.


  1. I havent made it but i have a recipe somewhere for pizza crust made from very thin slices of eggplant.

  2. I would love to know how the eggplant pizza goes.