Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ahhhh the smells and sights of the farmer's market. I love it. Going to my local organic farmer's market every Saturday before work has become one of my favorite things to do. Going to the market is my shopping addiction. I get a real great feeling from buying my fresh veggies, honey,flowers,bread & breakfast. It has replaced my love of shoe shopping and it is a true investment in our wellbeing. Today was an especially exciting trip for me because I found a new veggie, to me anyway, that I had read about earlier this morning. It was like finding Stella Mccartney at Macy's or Marshall's...for me anyway, although this would make me very happy too. Tat Soi is the name of this find. It is an Asian Crucifer. Basically it has similar properties to broccoli, brussel sprouts,kale,etc. and it is a little leafy green whose leaves are spoon shaped and thick. It has a light mustard flavor. So if you like greens you will most likely like tat soi. Bonus...I got 4 little bunches for $1.
We had it for dinner tonight tossed with extra virgin olive oil,the juice of 1/2 a lemon,2 chopped garlic cloves,and about 3 tbs. chopped red onion. It was a nice break from a regular salad. I think it would be great with citrus like tangerines and with also red beans.

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