Friday, July 24, 2009

I want to share something so simple and easy that I do without fail every morning to help get me through the day feeling good. I think of 10 things that I am grateful for in my life and I say thank you for them usually out loud. This simple act will help you to realize, especially in crazy times, that hey,I do have a lot to be happy about more than some others do. It will also lead you to more and more things to be thankful for that you didn't even realize before. I also use this time to ask the universe for what I need or pray for people. It is just a pleasant peaceful way to spend some time in the morning. If your mornings are hectic make some room in that schedule for yourself. Don't make excuses not to treat yourself well.

Some dietary advice we can all use. This is from a class we took last year taught by a clinical dietician. Carbs should be balanced with protein. Protein or good fats should be eaten first in a meal. Examples of good fats are avocado,olives,nuts,coconut oil. We all need good fats. So many people are focused on cutting out fat in the diet and if you are talking about saturated fats great but we do need some fats. It just needs to be the right kind. Mono unsaturated fats are ok. Flax & fish oil offers great ways to get your omega 3 essential fatty acids or EFA. Chia seeds are good for this as well as many other things too. I was introduced to them last week in Santa Monica at our favorite raw restuarant. I had them with almond milk and strawberries like a cereal. So yummy. I love finding new things that are super nutritous. They can be sprinkled in salads,yogurt, cereals,etc.
Phytochemicals leak 20% per day from time of harvest which is another great reason to buy as much local as possible. But the next time you are at the Farmer's Market take some time to talk to the people behind the stands because it has become more and more popular to find a distributor instead of the actual farmer selling those veggies & herbs. You can look on line usually to get info and background on many farmer's markets and the people that sell there. At least that is the case here in Kansas City. To me this also makes joining a CSA more appealing.
If you are having trouble getting those veggies in try getting a raw foods preperation book and making some of those recipes. It worked when I wanted Paul to eat cauliflwer last year. He has never liked it but I made raw "mashed potatoes" and didn't tell him what it actually was until he tasted & liked it. Now he will eat it steamed. So if those kiddos or husbands cringe at the sight or thought of eating thier veggies whip up a recipe made entirely of raw veggies and don't let them know until they have eaten it and liked it. I have yet to make a raw recipe that was bad or not liked in this house.
Ok enough for now. Have a great day and a beautiful weekend.


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