Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am a blogging fool today b/c I know that on my days off,the next 2 days,I probably won't write anything and b/c I keep being inspired. I have a co-worker that is always smiling and joking and when people ask him how he is so happy all of the time especially at work he says "I fake it till I make it" which I never really thought about until I read Kris Carr's book Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor and she talks about "Act as if" or fake it till you make it. she says "Catch the beam and shine it out even if you feel too dark to bathe in it." Great advice. So often we do not acknowledge or honor ourselves. We set limitations and expectations (usually too high) about what we are supposed to be doing,acheiving, earning,etc. Material external things and titles do not make us who we are. If I am a lawyer is that all I am? No. We must leave room in our lives for opportunities and be open to them. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a vet b/c I adore animals but as I got older I wanted to be a poet b/c I loved writing. Well I did not attend veteranary school and I did study poetry and received my B.A. in English but quickly realized that that was a dream that was going to take time and I had student loans and rent to pay. I stopped writing but I still love poetry just not at the same level as I did in my 20's and I still adore animals but I tuned into that by volunteering for a few years with a low cost spay/neuter organization here in town & enjoying every minute of that experience,becoming a vegatarian and refusing to by products tested on animals. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up and that is just fine with me. Our experiences in life change all of the time bringing about different points of view. My current passion is diet & nutrition. Embrace the change and the experiences that brought them on and accompany them. Use that to foster a better understanding of yourself and your life. Before my illness and Paul's I used to clean the house for hours on my days off b/c keeping a spotless house is what we are supposed to do and I resented it. I wanted to have fun on my days off not scrub the floors. Now I do not waste my days off with chores. Oh my house is clean not spotless but clean but I shifted my schedule around to do these chores during the week. We have to balance our lives and just say screw it sometimes. "Do scary negative thoughts have the power to undo all of the hard work I've done? acting As if teaches us to believe in ourselves and to never settle for less. When weird thoughts come up we immediately correct and replace them with positive visualizations and affirmations." Kris Carr is amazing and inspiring. It is easy to dwell in a negative place. Society seems to expect this of us but as Paul and I like to say about doing this "how's that working out for you?" Ask yourself that question about your state of mind sometime and then act as if.
Goodnight and have a great beginning of the week. It is my weekend!:}

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