Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Birthday a girl could have

It is 3:30am and I am awake because I am happy. I had the most amazing & perfect birthday I could have ever dreamed of yesterday. I had the day off work so I slept in which is always a nice treat. I woke up to several very kind birthday wishes on Facebook and another special holistic website I am a member of. Then I opened a large package that had arrived from our friends in Portland which was full of goodies for both of us and the sweetest card ever. Paul woke up and came downstairs so I opened my gift from him and then went into my laboratory (the kitchen)to make his juice. I asked him to come watch me make it and learn how to use the juicer. He did and he finished it off which was nice because now he knows how to make his juice any time. We watched a little tv about the Motown musicians and then headed off to Whole Foods for a few things. From there we went to eat a late lunch at a local organic restaurant. It was a nice break not having to prepare any food. As much as I like to do it sometimes I need a break. We were the only people in the place which I always like. I want the restaurants like this one to succeed and remain open but I like having them to myself. We came home with about an hour and a half to kill before going to our next planned event so we watched pointless tv about fashion and home repair. I ate Kettle chip potato chips figuring it is my birthday so if I am going to eat it do it today. we then set out to pick up my mom and go listen to a local woman speak about how she used a raw vegan diet to heal herself of cervical cancer. I was super stoked about this because we are on that path and need to meet others who have been there and successfully accomplished it. This event was held at a local health food store in one of the suburbs of our city about 5 minutes down the road from my mom's place. So, I wanted to show her around the store in hopes that she will at least try to go there for groceries. The place was packed to her this woman speak which was exciting and it was so great to me to see a lot of older people in the audience. her story is so similar to ours it was as if I was talking. That was so nice because we have heard these stories on line or in books but tonight we were looking at the person and hearing her voice tell the story. she lives in a suburb that is only about 15 minutes away from us. She is real & tangible. She is inspiration and motivation like we have not had before. My husband said she needs to write a book and I agree as long as she never stops speaking publicly. When it was over I asked my mom what she thought and she said she enjoyed it very much. I was super thrilled to hear that. I was over the moon happy. We got in the car to take my mom home and she wanted us to come inside so she could give me my gift so we went in with her. As I walked in the living room I saw a woman standing in the kitchen. She looked familiar but why was there a person in my mom's kitchen? Was she being robbed? Then a group of people jump out of the hallway into the living room and I am sure we are getting robbed until the initial shock wears off and I realize it is my family saying Happy Birthday. The woman in the kitchen is one of my sister-in-laws. I was floored. I never suspected a thing nor did I expect it. My family didn't do this kind of thing. It was super nice, especially since on Feb. 16,2009 my dad had cardiac arrest and was in the hospital fighting to stay alive. He passed away 2 days later. Last year my birthday was a devastating day. I am glad that one year later my family is celebrating it. It is the first time we have had a surprise party. I know my dad was there and happy. One of my sisters had a raw vegan cake made. Kansas City is getting a new raw restaurant in March!! Yeah! My sister had the chef/owner make me a cake and my mom said no other types of food were allowed. Do you know how great this is and how wonderful it made me feel. It was delicious and everyone ate it. There were no leftovers. I am so happy I can't sleep. That is a feeling that is precious. I am a fortunate & grateful lady. The universe & god are constantly showing me love and confirming that we are on the proper path. 37 feels so good!!

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