Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a real story

Yesterday I had one of those reaffirming moments or as Oprah calls them an Aha moment. I was at work not wanting to be at work after a not to great start to my day in the morning. We were very slow in the store and for a time I was alone behind the counter. during this time a middle aged man came to the counter. I did see him come in or hear the door open so he kinda caught me off guard. He had something going on with his face...not a tick but like looked familiar to me though. He started telling me that he thought he probably lost his layaway because he had been in the hospital for the last 2 1/2 months. He had had a stroke. A very serious stroke. That's what was familiar to me. Even though I did not have a stroke 3 years ago the brain abscess left me with stroke like symptoms and after effects. I listened as he told me his story and I empathized with him telling him I understood because I had been through something similar but different and yes I knew how crazy expensive some medications are not just from my experience but because my husband was dealing with cancer. I also was able to locate his layaway and it was still current. he was happy and he thanked me for looking and went into another room. I stood at the counter and when he was walking out of the store he stopped, turned around and came to the counter and said "madame..I just want to say thank you." "No problem the layaway is still good." "No thank you for letting me talk and tell you my story because I don't really have people I can talk to about that...thank you." "Thank you sir." And he walked out of the store smiling and left me smiling. I can't describe how amazing that made me feel and on a day that I needed it. It was like a miracle had just occurred for us both...a sense of well being and connection amongst strangers in the very most unlikely of places. You never know is all I can never know who, when,where or why. Be open. Be present. Don't be quick to judge people. It was no coincidence that man came into the store yesterday. I am grateful!

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