Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Everyday Gifts

Yesterday I met a real cowboy, seriously. To the disappointment of one of my of girlfriends and probably my mom too he was at least twice my age. However he was interesting and amazing to me. My day started off as normal as it always does and as lunch time rolled around I realized I was hungry and did not have much in my kitchen so I decided I would eat at Whole Foods. I considered asking a friend to join me but then I decided not to, I want to go by myself so I did. I was content to enjoy my lunch alone. The store was busy and the tables were filling up so I was happy when I snagged the last one, a four top. After about five minutes an older man in a cowboy hat asked to sit with me and I agreed. He seemed sweet and looked rugged like a cowboy would. We sat in silence for about 5 minutes which is unusual for me. Then a woman needed a place to sit so she sat down across from me. We all sat eating our lunches in silence for about ten minutes and then I had to break that silence. Small talk led to introductions and telling each other where we were from. The cowboy was really a cowboy from central Oregon. He trained horses on ranches and had lived in the state since 1964 by way of Illinois. Pretty soon the woman joining us had to get back to work so that left me and the cowboy to talk. He was a vegetarian, an energy healer and part Native American with a strong belief in the native American spiritual ways and the power of our energy. I had to smile to myself because I too am part Native American and believe strongly in some of the spiritual beliefs of my ancestors as well as in the power of our energy. I also thought it interesting that my solo lunch at Whole Foods turned into a lunch with strangers, one being a vegetarian, energy healing cowboy. He talked about his horses and about how he did energy healing work on these animals as well as on people and about the different forms of energy work he knew and practiced. We spoke about how we have lost culture in our society and respect for the planet and ourselves. We had a great conversation. He told me that he could tell I was a great spirit and that we had something in common when he sat down. Also, that I still had some healing to do and for me it would be free of charge. We sat there for a minute smiling at each other and he handed me his card and was off. I sat there thinking, wow this is no coincidence, this is a lesson and a gift. My mom always says you never know when an angel is around.
Today at yoga my teacher opened with some words of wisdom that were basically that we must honor ourselves and that means doing what is right for us and not pushing into what is wrong for us because we think we are supposed to be a certain way.
A few days ago I spent the afternoon with a great friend who said some words that were like a light bulb going off in my mind and heart. We were walking and talking and I was telling him how I had realized recently that I had allowed fear, anger and worry back in my life. My fear was about being alone and loneliness. He then commented on how I had friends so was it really a fear of no companionship or was it loneliness for my late husband. Duh, that seems so obvious when he said it but until he said it I had not thought about it. I have made some great new friends and have some great friends that I have known for a long time so no it is not a lack of people in my life that scares me. It is the fact that I miss my husband as he was in earthly form. Just understanding that lifts the weight of it and makes it easier to carry.
Also last night I saw a woman, an acquaintance, who is living with cancer. She looked fabulous and says she is feeling great. That made me so happy!!
Everyday is a gift and we never know when, where or from whom those gifts will be given.
Today I was told I was glowing and I had a spark. It is true! Today I feel ALIVE and so appreciative of my gifts and teachers. Today I am living "as if" which means I have faith in myself and in my power and that I realize that I posses everything I need to be happy as the Buddha taught. Today I accept my Buddha nature and I live my life "as if" with my mind and heart wide open.
I invite you to sit with yourself somewhere calm and free of distraction. Think about what you want for yourself. This can be anything but go deeper that materialistic things. Meditate on these for awhile and act "as if" you are them already. We must stop looking outside of ourselves and find a faith and power from within. It is innate!

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  1. I love you Keri!!! I am feeling this really deeply. I am so happy that you met this man. I believe that once we open our eyes there are messages all around. I believe you needed to meet this man, he is apart of your journey. I also believe that the cleaner we eat, the more we open ourselves up to receive these gifts... Whatever they may be. I did spend some time yesterday grounding my intentions and thinking just in the space that was there. I could say so much and ramble on about this one...