Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Power of Intention

I have been bad about posting. We are simply busy right now. Lots of new and wonderful stuff going on in our lives. I am constantly amazed by the fact that we always seem to have what we need and things just kinda fall right into place for us. Now, we are big believers in the power of intention and manifestation. Lately so many things that we set our intentions on are coming into our lives. A big example is this...We have taken different forms of meditation in the past but my work schedule changed which meant I couldn't go to class any more. My husband still goes and I know enough to practice on my own but it never felt the same on my own. I was longing for a group to sit in silence with. I missed that shared feeling and positive energy. We also have been exploring spiritual paths. In order to properly heal, I believe that a spiritual path is necessary. So a few weeks ago we found it all in one group. It is amazing. I am growing my practice of mindful meditation and living. I am getting the shared community feeling and unbelievable positivity that I was longing for as well as a new spiritual pathway that seems to fit our new lifestyle. One of the members of this group is hosting a New Year's Eve party and the group is invited. I don't know this person but I am looking very forward to meeting him b/c he studied with Gabrielle Cousens I am told. We are starting out on a new dietary path of raw foods and here this man studied with one of the gurus of this diet. What are the odds? We needed a place to go on New Year's eve too. One great manifestation leads right into another. It is amazing. Ask,Believe, Receive..wiser words have never been spoken. We learned this by watching The Secret. Some people might think it is woo woo crap but an open mind knows better. Are we blessed...yes! Do we bless ourselves....yes!
"courage-specifically the courage to be, just as we are, right here, right now, with all our doubts and uncertainties. Facing experience directly opens us to the possibility of recognizing that whatever we experience-love, loneliness, hate, jealousy, joy, greed, grief and so on-is, in essence, an expression of the fundamentally unlimited potential of our buddha nature." Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche from Joyful Wisdom.
Have a positive day!

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  1. It is funny how things seem to work out when you most need them too. Ryan and I have had a tough 14 months but through all of the downs we tired to stay positive and things had a way of working out for us. For example, when I totalled our car in May. Of course, the first day of that long week I was just beside myself because it was the only car we had, we worked hard to take care of it and make the payments each month. It was our first major purchase together so that car meant a lot to me and I ruined. When I called Ryan at work from the side of the street to let him know what happened his reaction to my news wasn't at all what I expected. He pretty much said that these things happen, accidents happen, at least Connor and I were fine and we'll just have to get a new car. Everyday that week we had the rental car, I researched cars along with the support of Ryan and his positivity. We had a few we wanted to look at but only had one day to do it. Friday. Ryan and I let the dealerships know we were coming but before we left we searched the internet one more time. And there our car was. The very last listing, waiting for us. Great Condition, one owner and it was a car we never expected to own. Plus it had the extra room for our growing family. We found a credit union to finance us that day! And you know what? The APR was only half of the previous cars APR, and the payments for the new car were $30 less than the old. The new car was a much better fit for us. It was like we were meant to have the car. I am so grateful to Ryan for keeping my spirits up and letting me know that things will be fine. Okay, so a car can be a pretty materialistic machine, but in our city and its never-ending, unfortunate sprawl we need it.

    I know what you mean when people say that The Secret is "woo woo crap" but when we received it as a gift from you at our wedding, I opened it and watched it and it did make a lot of sense to me. Yeah, the video is a bit corny but they do have a very good point. And it doesn't hurt to try. Just by thinking positively and focusing on your needs, things will eventually come around. It may not be how you expect but if you have patience things do work out in the end.

    I have a coworker who has this constant down mentality, she wishes things were better but just shrugs her shoulders and does nothing to benefit her situation. She wallows in her own low self esteem...I am so sure the reason she has clumsy tendencies and seems to have "bad luck" is because she never stops to just let the bad things go and start fresh. Think good thoughts, be happy. Its hard to be in a work environment with that sort of attitude because it tends to then bring everyone else around her down. Bad moods in a work place can be a bad mix. And nobody can change anyone else, people need to change themselves in order to be happy. So, in the case of my coworker, I just tell her to think on the bright side....and then I leave the room. haha! Sorry I have written so much, it seems like I am rambling but I did want to comment on the great benefits of positive thinking.