Thursday, December 31, 2009

So I have been thinking about what to leave in 2009 as we enter a wonderful new year full of possibilities. I will leave anger and negative feeling that I can't seem to shake against some family members and so called "friends". This is a beautiful time. It ushers in newness. That makes me happy. This is the year I intend for us to conquer stage IV metastic pancreatic cancer once & for all. This will happen. I intend to have a year of positive changes, experiences & knowledge. All of the craziness of 2009 stays in 2009. I visualize it like standing at the water's eadge on a beach with the waves rolling in, seagulls chattering & salt air wisping around me. This to me is paradise it is also how I choose to see this brand new year! It is the end of a decade. The beginning of everything..a turning point. How do youchoose to visualize this new year? Remember that the universe listens so manifest something positive! Happy Healthy new Year!

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