Sunday, January 3, 2010

My views on food

Over the holidays I had a fun coversation about food. It has had me thinking about my views on food in our society. So here are my thoughts.
We have lost respect for food...all food. We are no longer greatful for the apple we are eating we just expect that there will always be apples available and so what..we would rather have a candy bar. That piece of meat on our plates so...I can go to the store and pick from a wide variety. An animal suffered and died for it,for me...whatever. Our ancestors grew & raised thier food. They didn't force feed the cow to produce more meat or add hormones and antibiotics to its's feed. Nor did it eat corn instead of grass. The fruits,veggies and grains were grown with hopes of sustaining the family through the year, summer & winter. Weeds were picked not sprayed. Large applications of pesticides and herbicides weren't sprayed directly onto the food to be baked in by the sun or ruin the soil below. Nowadays we take it for granted that food will always be in our stores so big deal.
Why do we eat? Food is fuel for our bodies. It contains the natural nutrients that we need to survive and thrive. It gives the little doctors inside of us the tools they need to keep us healthy. Real live food does this. Processed, dead, nutrient deficient foods ladden with chemicals do not do this. In fact they do the opposite. We took some nutrition classes from a clinical dietician last year and she said that if we invite time traveller over for dinner he should be able to recognize everything on the plate and if he can't we should not be eating it. I like this. Would time traveller recognize Doritos, coke, or peperoni pizza? How about McDonald's or Taco Bell?
We must respect ourselves by respecting our food! Be grateful for that apple in your hand (hopefully it is organic) and that food in the kitchen. It is here to nourish you not comfort you or fill a void in your life! I will paraphrase Hippocrates when he said your food shall be your medicine and your medicine shall be your food. so look at the next thing you have on your plate,fork,or in your hand and ask yourself Will this help me or hurt me? Is it real? would time traveller recognize it?
eat with respect and in good health!

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