Saturday, January 23, 2010

meditation & play

I just finished reading Bernie Siegel's ideas on meditation & play in our lives and how important they are. I know meditation has /does help me alot. I make time to do it no matter where I am or what I am doing. I have two guides that I like to use. One is on the in breathe I say "I am like the ocean" or "I am like the mountain" and on the out breathe I say "I flow free" or "I am strong". I visualize a calm ocean on the in breathe or a strong beautiful mountain with evergreens. On the out breath I see whitecapped waves rolling in shore or ripples catching the sunlight or a simple strong mountain sustaining life with its' trees and animals. It is just peaceful.
As for play writing is play for me as is preparing meals. I try to attach some kind of creative meaning to "chores". This is not always easy. we walk alot or take motorcycle rides when the midwest weather permits. We have two cats that I love playing with. we try to make each other laugh alot.
I think that the modern world teaches us that children play and adults are serious. Even our sports teams are not suppossed to be in it for the fun but for the win. They makes unbelievable amounts of money and are held to very high standards in all ways even feeling like they need steroids and such all in order to play a game. It is crazy. we call people who are not as serious & disciplined as we think they should be slackers. Being serious and rigid all of the time will kill you. I ask you today to remember how it felt when you were little playing with your favorite toys or friends. Find that kid again and the joy & happiness he/she had then. Meditate on it!

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