Thursday, March 18, 2010

My minddump

On Monday we had to make a trip to the oncologist to have my husband's port flushed, get a blood draw & a regular check up. Ports are flushed in the infusion room otherwise known as the chemo room. A place I am glad not to have to visit weekly anymore. While we were waiting for our turn with the nurse she was getting started on a woman sitting across from us. This woman had breast cancer which I know because of the type of chemo & drugs they were talking about. She was probably in her early 40's same as my husband. She was bald and skinny sure signs that she has been on chemo for awhile. She was asking questions about the new chemo they were going to give her. As the nurse explained some of the side effects she could expect big tears rolled down her cheeks and her face became flushed. The woman with her grabbed her hand for comfort & support. I have not been able to shake this image from my mind all week. I want to encourage people to not take the "ignorance is bliss" attitude when it comes to their health. The other side of that is not blissful at all. Education is important. Nobody wants to learn about cancers but trust me knowledge & prevention are better than first hand experience. Go to your regular checkups & talk openly to your doctor. Ask questions no matter how insignificant they might seem. Sometimes those are the most important questions.

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