Friday, October 29, 2010


The mornings are cold and crisp now as Fall settles into the Midwest. The leaves are changing colors and the smell of burning wood,leaves and earth are in the air. To me this is a sign of one of the most natural,peaceful times of the year. Life in the natural world is slowing down. A cold night and morning make way for a sunny but cool afternoon. The kind that you can sit outside for hours in a cozy sweater or jacket and just daydream. The squirrels and birds are also happily running and flying around looking for food and providing a lot of free outdoor entertainment. Fall represents slowing down and for me, especially this year, it represents preparation for my own personal changes as I am two weeks away from moving to the Pacific Northwest. My dreams of days like this in cozy clothes out in the woods with the aroma of wet trees and moss heavy in the air or in front of a fireplace are about to come true. I have waited four years and lived through many crazy,messy life situations for this new beginning. It is not happening the way I dreamt that it would happen by any means but as my late husband would say "don't question the how". It is happening! Another big change but at the right time! an I handle it? Yes I can. There really is not much that I do not think I can deal with at this point and I deserve this. i want and need this dream to come true. It will be I sit out on the front steps of our house smiling under bright blue skies and a calm breeze. I am a survivor! I am excited about my life including this peaceful moment right now.

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