Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting out of our heads/new thinking

Sitting in silence, in meditation, allows me to think in ways I have never thought before which means not thinking at all. Just being. How often do we give ourselves that gift of not thinking; turning off the monkey mind and simply living in the present moment? Allowing that to be our guide. We have been taught that we must know how it all works. This is the goal. Imagine what has gotten lost trying to achieve such a goal. Being open to possibilities and willing to trust in myself I have achieved abundance and a peace that is not measurable and comes with no price tag. I don't care about thinking things through. I would rather spend my energy getting through. If we experience something what is the point of thinking about it to much. In meditation my husband speaks to me because I allow him in; I make the space. I do not want to think about him if I can listen to him instead. It is all about honoring the present moment and opening to possibilities. We can always acknowledge the past. It does shape how we think after all but lets learn from the present without over thinking it.

I have never given birth but I have experienced death and they are the same to me. New life happens at both of these moments. My mind and heart have risen out of the murky lake of trying to define and contain life.
This is how I think in a way I have never thought before.

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