Monday, January 10, 2011

My thoughts this morning

Some days I am totally inspired by my own life. Some days I am totally devastated by it too. I have been made keenly aware these past 6 months and especially the past 4 days how much my life has changed in some ways good and in some ways painfully. I still believe in miracles happening everyday because I am one of them, I am still happy that Paul is finally cancer being the main focus even if that means he is no longer here with me physically, I am amazed all of the time at the courageous, strong, peaceful people that I know that are living with serious illness and the people taking care of them, I am grateful for my spiritual path and my wonderful friends, I am grateful for the ability to learn something new everyday and the ability to rest. I am devastated by the death of my husband everyday no matter what I believe and by the freak illness that 4 years ago almost made made him a widow. It still scares me. Life happens and it is not always pretty. It sure does not follow our plans most of the time. Knowing these things and accepting them allows us to breath a little easier and relax those tense shoulders. Do we have some say? Sure we do. We are given choices everyday in every way and our decisions influence our path in life.
Give time to what is important and don't let pettiness, fear and anger steal it from you. Be inspired by yourself. Recognize that you may not save the world but you have done something to influence it like overcome illness or addiction, raised/raising children, lent a helping hand to someone that needed it, etc. We learn from each other but we learn most by doing it, living it. We don't have to look to others for inspiration although it is great to find that but let it be a guiding light to find that in yourself.

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