Sunday, January 16, 2011


Last week I met with a nutritionist to review my 6 day food diary and we got along so well. I asked her my top question which is about oils. I get confused about oils because I have heard or read one thing in a class or book but then a healthy cookbook is using the oils that I learned where unhealthy. So she broke it down like this; for cooking use coconut or red palm oil and for dressing something it is ok to use olive oil. Red Palm was a new one to me and she told me it has high amounts of beta -carotene which we need to be healthy and fight disease. Canola oil is oxidized before even reaching the shelves due to the deodorization process that the rapeseeds go through. She also threw in that a light suttee is better than steaming because with steam we are exposing our foods to high heat killing the nutrients. This makes sense. I just wanted to share this. I am going to be doing a little more homework on oils as she gave me some suggested reading.

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