Thursday, September 3, 2009

Natural Make-up

I am not a make up user except for red lipstick, lipgloss & nail polish. I was asked to recommend some make up lines that were natural. So I consulted one of my guru's (Kris Carr) books... Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor. She lists several lines so I will pass on a few.

PeaceKeeper: nail polish,lip paint & gloss
Glominerals: base & concealer sold at Whole Foods
No-Miss nail polish & remover: I use it. It is not as thick as other polishes. Sold at many health food stores.
Zia & Larenim: powders
Lavera Mascara
Care by Stella McCartney
Alba:I use thier lip gloss & body lotion
Bare Escentuals:mineral make up line

Here's to looking marvelous naturally and safely darling!

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