Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random thought

We are waitingfor my husband's latest tumor marker result. AHHHHH the waiting game! We are confident that it will be lower but we want to is something I am working on. I want people to know that getting cancer isn't like being handed a death sentence no matter the type or stage. It depends on what you do about it. I am not saying it is fine or easy sailing or even that it isn't sometimes life threatening because it is sometimes. I lost my oldest sister to cancer and a great friend I know first hand about that side of the disease But I also know first hand the flip side of it with my husband and one of my nieces. I know what it is like to be beating it. A lot depends on state of mind and a lot of things effect that. A doctor's words or lack there of, loved one's & friend's reactions, knowledge & understanding of the disease, any previous history with it, spirituality, what is publicly said about the disease and any stigmas it might carry, etc. I do believe that fighting cancer means taking a good look at yourself and the life you are leading and deciding to make some changes. We have done that. I know I talk about cancer with words like we & our even though I do not have the disease but my husband does and whatever effects him effects me and I will not allow cancer to take over or win. I am determined to beat it. My husband is a Miracle Man! and I intend for him to beat stage IV pancreatic cancer and show people it can be done. He will/does give hope to others. This all had to come out of me because yesterday I saw all kinds of stories, posts, etc. on the death of Patrick Swayze. He had advanced pancreatic cancer and I heard him say on TV and read articles with quotes from him saying he knew he was going to die of this. Well, if you put that out there and that is where your head is at then yes, most likely you are going to succumb to the disease. There are many out there today who are fighting it and I hope that they are saying "I will beat this because I 've got a lot of living to do". Cancer can be a teacher if you let it.

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