Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another kitchen blunder

Tonight I made a raw dinner. I have made this particular dish several times but I tried a new sauce recipe. The meal was raw spaghetti which is raw zucchini cut with a spiral veggie cutter and raw red sauce. The sauce did not come out like I had hoped. Too watery and the red onion I used was very potent so it overwhelmed. We ate it though but my husband did have to voice his opinion. So I had to remind myself of my earlier post about not getting discouraged b/c a meal doesn't turn out. I love to make raw meals but we aren't 100% raw. I like the idea I have heard many raw foodists talk about when it comes to making a meal which is to not worry about making the fancy complicated recipes. Keep it simple. Five ingredients is a good number. I have made the fancy complicated recipes and they were worth it but simple is sometimes better. I am going to attempt to put together a raw chocolate cake for Thanksgiving in addition to the raw no peanut butter cookies. I will substitute a few things so we will see. If it turns out I will share the recipe. Have a great Thanksgiving and don't be afraid of trying something new in the kitchen.

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