Saturday, November 7, 2009

Book Plug n an amazing book

I am going to proudly promote a book today. The book is called My Tree Called Life Writing & Living Through Serious Illness An Anthology of Poetry & Prose. My husband & I both have writings in this book. This book benefits a place in Kansas City called Turning Point: The Center for Hope and Healing. The name is so fitting. Turning Point has been like a rock for both of us since last year. It is a place where people with serious physical illness,their family & friends can come for support and to find resources to take charge of their lives ,find hope, healing and friendships all in a place where everyone gets it. This book gives voice to the many emotions that people have in dealing with serious illness and it will speak to anyone dealing with one,anyone who is a caregiver. There are messages of hope,positivity,happiness,sadness,fear,loss, etc. from people living with cancer,HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's,caring for elderly parents and a daughter who suffered 5 strokes from cancer treatment. The list goes on. These people including my husband & myself are able to break it down because why not? We experience life in a whole new way. The little things that used to be a big deal we realize are not worth a second thought. Living or laundry...Hmmmm which is most important today? So if you are interested in the book please contact Cathy at Turning Point 913-383-8700 and visit the website at Did I mention that the book was edited by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg PhD. and current Poet Laureate of Kansas also a cancer survivor. It is from her writing workshops at Turning Point that the poems & prose in this book come from. We are so proud to be a part of this. Yeah! We are published!
I have to add that I am an English Lit. Major and I used to write poetry and short stories throughout college and a few years after graduation but I gave it up. So I had not written much in many many years before we took the workshop last year and when we were writing it felt so good and wow! now I have 3 published poems. It is nuts that it took major health issues to get me writing again and published to boot. That's why I went to college. So I am on cloud nine about this project.

Have a great day!

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