Saturday, November 28, 2009

My breakfast & teas

Something that I eat every morning that keeps me satisfied just about all day until dinner time is chia seeds. I do eat lunch but I am never "starving". I mix 2 spoonsfull in with my plain soy yogurt, flaxseeds, pineapple chunks or berries. Sometimes walnuts or brazil nuts too. So good.
I have yet to find a soy yogurt without cane juice in it so if you are avoiding sugars make sure you read the labels and let me know if you find one without cane juice.

I also love a hot cup of tea in the early morning. Some of my favorites are Allegro Tropical Mate, Numi Mint Pu-Erh, Numi Gunpowder Green Tea, Numi Morrocon Mint, Sencha Green Tea (the real deal not sure which company..Allegro I think it is a loose tea) Bija Hawthorn Tea and Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf (for the female system)
I also like Yogi Tea Cold Season when I start to feel stuffed up or sinusy. I love tea a lot even the "weird" ones like Twig Tea (a macrobiotic tea) for its' earthy flavor.
Just wanted to share these things b/c it seems like more & more people are skipping breakfast or stopping at a fast food place or convenience store for the first meal and drink of their day. We need to start our days off properly with a healthy nutritious meal & drink eaten without a sense of urgency. It is a beautiful way to start the day just like dinner is a beautiful way to end it. When we eat we are supposed to be nurturing our bodies and telling ourselves we love our self. If we eat junk and are in a hurry that is not nurturing or believable. Make the time for yourself and take care because you are the only you there is and life is short.

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