Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't get discouraged in the kitchen

Last night I tried a new recipe to me for Miso soup. I am trying to use up things in my kitchen that have been sitting on the shelves before I have to throw them out. So I decided to use up some of the miso & wakame I had. I like miso soup usually. Wakame is a completely different story. All of the seaweeds gag me. The smell and the taste are awful to me but they are so healthy for us so I try to use them in recipes and it all most always goes wrong. My miso soup did. I could not eat more than one bite before having to apologize to my husband for the nasty dinner. He actually ate his bowl of soup. He has no problem with the seaweeds. I had no back up meal so I was happy that he ate it. I know I won't be trying to make Miso soup again but I am not discouraged that one of my meals in the last 2 years failed. I am not prefect nor do I strive to be. I am pretty proud that I am able to prepare our meals like I am. I did not grow up in a household with a Betty Crocker mother. I never really learned how to cook. In college I could make Ramen Noodles or microwave Mac & Cheese. When I moved out on my own my kitchen usually contained lots of packages, cans & jars along with a 12pack of Coke. I was clueless. My husband,then boyfriend, was/is a great cook so he would make dinners or most always we ate out. We moved to southern California for a few great years and I did try my hand at cooking there because we needed to eat at home to save on expenses. We still ate out alot but I did teach myself to make a few good dishes. It wasn't until last year that I took to the kitchen and changed my thinking about preparing meals. I love it now. I see it as a creative process and sometimes a challenge. Those two things usually come with a risk for error so I accept an occasional failure. Tonight is a new night. Try & try again. As with life there is much to learn and new things constantly coming out when it comes to food preparation. So don't let one or two failed recipes keep you from keeping at it. Making our own meals is not just about saving some money or trying to impress. It is about being healthy and nurturing our bodies. What better way to tell yourself "I love you" than a nutritious home made meal. It should feel that way every time we eat and you just don't get that in a restaurant.

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  1. Great post - my sentiments exactly. I love trying to cook healthy even if I don't always come up with the perfect dish.