Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2 yum recipes

This is an easy vegan pizza. I made it up yummy! I like to use a pizza crust I get at my local organic farmer's market. So if you are in my city it is the Spelt pizza crust by Bread of Life. Many store bought crusts contain sugar.

One spelt pizza crust
one small can organic no sugar added tomato paste
oregano to taste
3 to 4 cloves garlic chopped or sliced thin
3 to 4 marinated artichoke hearts sliced
2 green onions chopped
black olives
cherry tomatoes sliced to taste
sietan pieces to taste
crushed red pepper flakes to taste
black truffle oil to taste

Assemble ingredients and bake in oven at 450 for 11 minutes or until crust starts to get crispy. Drizzle the truffle oil on at about 5 minutes left. Mushrooms would be a great addition. I did not have any. Lots of things are "to taste" out of individual preference. A pesto sauce would also be good and make the truffle oil unnecessary. Sietan or wheat meat is made from gluten so if you are avoiding gluten leave this off.

Another great summer salad that I only recently was introduced to at a dinner party is watermelon,cucumber, mint with a little balsamic vinegr to cut the sweetness of the watermelon. So good.
Cut up pieces of watermelon & cucumber pretty small and add some fresh, cut up mint leaves. Toss it together and add a small amount of balsamic vinegar to taste. I start with maybe 1 tbs. for a smallish bowl for one or 2 people b/c you can always add more to your liking. Chill then serve. If you are like me and love watermelon but can't handle it when they are too sweet this is perfect. This is also high glycemic FYI.

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