Thursday, August 19, 2010


This morning I woke up feeling inspired. I wrote a letter and heard my red bird singing outside.
I just listened and then went outside to leave and run errands. The singing got louder so I turned around and saw my red bird sitting on the power lines a few feet in front on me and over head. I started to hear another song being sung by another red bird. The first one, the male, flew closer to me and eventually into my neighbor's tree and the female appeared on the power lines. The male flew up next to her and they just sat together for awhile. He eventually flew off and she followed him. I watched them in total delight and realized that this is exactly what our life is. We found each other, spent time together and he went on ahead of me but I am following him in the way we chose to live our lives. He is my guide and my partner no matter where I am. Interestingly this afternoon I was cleaning out a closet that was full of old papers, folders, files, etc. and found a card my father had sent me when we lived in LA that had two red birds on the front. In the card he wrote about the many cardinals in his yard and how he thought of me when he saw them. Of course I am saving and framing this card. My dad and I were/are extremely close. To say I am a daddy's girl is almost an understatement. He passsed on last year. Before Paul passed on I used to think that the red bird was my dad coming to see me. Paul knew this and when I asked Paul for a sign that he was ok on the morning he passed on the red bird appeared and sang to me. Paul owed me a song we had talked about that in the hospital. That is why I believe the red bird is Paul. I love the circle of life. My belief in it gets me through. The connections we have to our world never die because our energies become like the elements making life possible. This belief I have brings beauty to the entire process of life which includes death. It makes it possible for me to get up everyday and get excited about whatever lies ahead. In T'ai Chi we honor the elements and the energies we share with the earth. It is a beautiful practice. I feel so strongly connected through my practices which is grounding, gives me confidence, peace, a sense of self, knowledge, faith and love. They allow me peace and comfort in the wake of Paul's passing on. I can smile everyday even with a tear rolling down my face. I can see & hear Paul in the red birds. I can see & hear myself when the female appears.
I encourage everyone to seek your path,one you truly feel connected too. It is such a gift. I am so grateful.

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