Saturday, October 3, 2009

70's Earth Mother sweater story :}

Saturday nights are my preferred grocery shopping nights because the store is usually not crowded on Saturday nights. So, I went to the store tonight by myself this trip because Paul wanted to work on music and said he didn't have the patience. I really really like Whole Foods so grocery shopping is not a choir and I do tend to linger and look at everything with exception of the meat isle :{. I am happily strolling down the isles and I get to the bulk section which is on one side of the isle and sweeteners, flours, &spices are on the other side. I am looking at all of the salts which are right next to the sweeteners when a woman pushes her cart up next to mine and just looks at me. I look back at her and she asks me if I know anything about any of these making a sweeping motion over the sugars and agave. I ask her if she has a sugar restriction and tell her I know a little. So we start talking about agave nectar and then stevia. Then she asks me if I can tell her how to make her recipe with agave nectar. Hmmmm. Then another woman comes up next to us and starts asking me questions about agave and if she can use it in her recipe. I am thinking hmmm what made these ladies just ask me this stuff? why did they think I would know? My conclusion...I am wearing my new favorite sweater that is not new but reminds me of sweaters that 2 of my sisters and my mom had when I was a little kid. I call it my 70's Earth Mother sweater and oh yeah I did also just happen to sample the patchouli lotion in the body care isle and my cart is full. So I must look like 70's Earth Mother who shops here alot and therefore knows her stuff. I am usually pretty happy in there too amongst the confused looking faces. What is funnier to me is that the cashier and the guy bagging my groceries looked all concerned and said "shopping alone tonight huh?" Referring to the fact that Paul wasn't with me. I said yes and then one of them said "oh so he just wanted to stay home?" I am thinking why are you asking all concerned why my husband isn't with me but thinking to myself it is funny and kinda nice that they recognize us like that. We might as well move in seriously. We are there a lot. It was a funny shopping experience that made me smile a few times. I think it is the sweater! we have been doing a lot of work on ourselves over the past year and so maybe 70's Earth Mother is the real me!

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