Friday, October 23, 2009 Our Children will accuse Us video clip.
This ia a powerful video clip. It addresses an issue that is most important in the world today about conventional farming practices with the mass use of chemicals and the reprocutions that has on all of us. It reminds me of a story from a girl that I used to work a 2nd job with. She met a guy from Minnesota and moved to his hometown which was a small farming community to be with him on his family's farm. He now farmed it. She came back here for a visit and over lunch I asked her what it was like on the farm and in the small town. She enjoyed it very much and liked the small farming community but she was concerned about a couple of things. The family farm was now being farmed with chemicals and her boyfriend had to dress in Hazmat- like gear on the days that these chemicals were sprayed in order to go out into the fields. She worried about his health and said that his response to that is that his father farmed this way and he was ok so far. She also said that the surronding farming communities and the one she lived in all coordinated the days that they sprayed because those chemicals become airborne and it is easier for the communities to know which days the windows have to stay shut, the kids can't play outside and in general everyone including the animals stays inside if it is all done on the same day. I remember being shocked by this info. It is scarey!! That is the food that is sold to us in markets,grocery stores and resturants. Wow! right? Imagine that just for a minute. The days of grandma & grandpa's natural farm is almost long gone. There are those farmer's that use organic farming methods successfully and provide food that is not laced with chemicals that make us sick & kill us. These farmers are the Rock Stars and they deserve to be recognized and our deep appriciation for their hardwork, efforts & caring. We need to be educated on these topics and we need to encourage these organic practices. So many people worry about the cost of organic food but let me tell you that a hospital,doctor and meds will cost a hell of a lot more than a shopping cart of organic food. Plus organic foods in a conventional grocery store,in my experience, cost almost double the price of the same thing from a health food store. An example...I buy a sprouted grain organic bread at my local Whole Foods for $2.99 and that same bread at another popular Kansas City conventional grocery store that has a larger than most organic food department costs $4.79 as of this week. It is no wonder to me that people freak out about organics being expensive. Whole Foods gets the bad rep of being overly pricey but if you shop there and look in other stores you will soon find that it is not really true. And if more people would do there shopping in the healthfood stores organic foods would become the preference. It is the choice between real clean foods or chemical laced & unnatural nutritionally void foods.

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  1. I have read that the price of non-organic food doesn't reflect the true cost of producing it, while organic does. Makes sense, with the cost of the chemicals, etc. Good post.