Monday, October 5, 2009

For the ladies

Hi ladies,
I wanted to share some great things with you. I have had an amazing breakthrough. I get horrible painful cramps that radiate down my legs when my periods start. I also get nauseous and vomit several times during the first 2 days of my period as well as sweat. It is awful. So I asked our Naturopath for some advice and she told me that many times women experience symptoms like these during their periods b/c the liver is not functioning properly and getting rid of the toxins. These toxins build up and wreck havoc with hormones causing all kinds of similar symptoms. So she suggested I try taking something to support my liver and see what happens. My gyno wanted to give me pain meds which I did not want for several reasons one being those aren't getting to the root of the problem. So I have been taking milk thistle supplements for one month now to support the liver. I was also told about raspberry leaf tea. So I got that too. I started drinking it about 3 days ago. This is the second day of my period and I have not thrown up once or felt like I needed to nor have I had a problem sweating. I have had very minor cramps,tolerable,that did not radiate down my legs. So basically my period is tolerable this month unlike the last several months. YEAH! This is happy dance stuff. Just thought I would share b/c I know that a lot of women suffer like I do during that time of the month.

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