Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hope every second

Today has been wonderful. Dare I say perfect! It was finally sunny and dry outside..great Fall weather. We had a fun brunch with my mother-in-law and ran a few errands then went to the arboritum which was beautiful and one of our favorite nieghborhood parks. Right now I am listening to Paul play guitar and sing one of his songs. I looove days like these. Life is wonderful and I am often reminded of that even in the midst of craziness. I was telling Paul this morning that the past 3 years have been crazy. It amazes me to think back on them. I got sick with the brain abcess and almost clocked out. Made it out of the hospital after 1 month and spent 1 year in rehab therapies relearning how to walk,talk normally,etc. then the cancer bomb hit Paul. Chemo, diet changes, retraining our thoughts, lots of learning, finding Kris Carr and her books. Our great friend Melecia passed from her 2nd battle with cancer,my daddy passed from cardiac arrest 2 days after my birthday and Paul's dear grandpa passed. Wow! That's CRAZY but we have moved forward stronger with each event and positive. It brings tears to my eyes but they are tears of joy and gratefulness at all of the things we have endured and continuously deal with in a positive manner. I am so proud of us. Hope fills our lives every second. I am so proud of my husband it is overwhelming and listening to him right now doing what he loves just reassures me that he is healing. :}

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