Friday, August 28, 2009


So it has been awhile since I posted anything. The new to me recipe I was hoping to post didn't turn out as well as I had hoped it would. I made it up. It wasn't bad but nothing to share. I am realizing that the farmer's market is only open for one more month. Sigh! It is one of my favorite things to do. I have been in a conundrum about the flu this year and if I should get the shot,etc. I have decided not to get the shot b/c there is just too much scarey info out there about it. I have decided not to worry about it or buy into the hype even though there are 32 confirmed swine flu cases at KU in Lawrence,Kansas right now. That is about 45 minutes away from where we live and we go there a lot to eat at a place called Local Burger. I will be boosting our immune system more with supplements this Fall & winter. Our 7 year wedding anniversaryis coming up. That doesn't seem like a long time but we have been together since1992. We have never been happier. Some days it feels like it did when we were first dating. Remember that feeling? That is one of the things in life that makes it so worth living.

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  1. I've always read and heard that if you are an overall naturally healthy adult that you shouldn't get the flu shot annually. It should be reserved for those that are more likely to contract it easily; like children and seniors.
    When the swine flu shot comes available, I guess you have to research and know what effects it could have on the body. I think that if possible, we will have Christopher take the shot when he can. But we'll need to talk to his pediatrician about it.