Sunday, August 23, 2009

I want a revolution


I am reading a book by Rudolph Ballentine M.D. called Diet & Nutrition a holistic approach copywright 1978. that talks about the importance of clean air, soil & water for our food, the depletion of nutritious foods being consumed and the link between common health issues of the day like cancer & heart disease and diet. Ok, this book was published in 1978. I was 5 years old. Why then are there still ads for Taco Bell & McDonald's every few minutes on our tv and a new fast food place on every bust cornor? Why aren't doctors taught about nutrition and why don't they pass that knowledge on to patients for prevention or use it to help treat illness? And why when some of us do get the info and use it to treat illness are people skeptical and downright mean about us doing so? My only conclusion is twofold....greed & self imposed ignorance. It is frustrating but there are those of us out there promoting it and proving that good nutrition heals.

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  1. We just invested in a company that promotes medical prevention. It works with large corporations to get their employees into a prevention program. It should save the companies medical costs and productivity lapses. Anyway we thought it was a very forward-thinking concept.