Thursday, August 6, 2009


I bought the best honey I have ever tasted yesterday evening at a local community market in our neighborhood. The man who sells it has his own bee farm and was super friendly & informative. The honey I bought is a tree honey. He said tree honey usually has less dextrose in it than clover honey. 4% compared to 25%. Pretty interesting so it also doesn't break down into sugar grains as fast. Interesting website with info about honey This honey is raw. I have read that people with cancer should avoid raw honey but I don't know why. Paul is thrilled with Agave so we stick to that for him. Also raw honey can contain some of the pollen proteins that might cause allergies so it is important to know the source of the honey and I have always heard that your honey should be local from the area closest to where you live for allergy reasons. Anyway, I hope you are checking out those local markets. Fabulous. We got some awesome blackberries too!

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