Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Minddump on visualization & imagination

So I have been discussing visualization as therapy lately with some people who do it, believe in it,etc. as I do and I came across an interesting way to think about it in a book we have called The Way of QiGong by Kenneth Cohen. He quotes "You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." So this has had me thinking about our imaginations. As kids we are taught to use our imaginations in play but as adults we lose it and are taught not to use it. The phrase "my imagination is playing tricks on me" well is it? Maybe it is letting you in on something that is very relavant to what is going on with you. That creative thinking side of self is usually under seige from that critical thinking side of self as we get older and through out asdulthood. So in essence we are shutting down a critical part of ourselves. Imagination is important in making our world a beautiful place and in helping us to be healthy and happy. we need balance. That is why there are so many programs, philosophies,theries,etc. out there trying to lead us back to a balanced way of living. We can do it ourselves by imagining it and listening to what we are being told. The external can influence the internal but the internal has just as much influence on the external if we allow it.

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