Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tempeh TST (a healthy alternative to a BLT)

I have loved tempeh blt sandwhiches for years but have never attempted to make one myself until last night. It was real good . My husband told me 3 times "good job". So here goes the recipe I made up last night. note that Tempehh is a soy food so for those of you who need to avoid soy this recipe is not for you.

1 package of plain tempeh (I like Cental Soy brand because it is local from Lawrence,Ks.)
1 fresh tomato
2 malabar spinach leaves(or regular spinach)
4 slices sprouted bread (Ezekiel or Alvarado street)
Bragg's liquid amino acids
Grapeseed oil
Black pepper

Coat a skillet with some Grapeseed oil(I did not measure it I just used enough to coat the bottom of the skillet and leave a little to fry in so maybe 3Tbs.) Set burner to a medium heat. Cut tempeh into fairly even long strips, not too thick, I get 8 strips out of one block of tempeh.
Place strips in skillet and sprinkle with black pepper and a few sprays of Bragg's . Check tempeh strips in about 15 minutes. You want to see them browning on the downside. When this happens flip them over and brown the other side. Add more oil if needed. In the meantime slice your tomato and toast the bread slices. When bread is toasted spread a not to thin or thick layer of veganaise on 2 slices and top it off with a malabar spinach leaf and 2 tomato slices. Tempeh strips are placed on top of tomato slices. 3 per sandwhich is good. Enjoy.

Tempeh should have 2 fairly crispy sides when done.

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