Monday, August 3, 2009

New idea

So I got this inspired idea this morning about visualization. I love to use it and several well known doctors tell their seriously ill patients to use it to help them in their healing process so why not have groups of people who get together to do visualization. That would mean instead of one person being focused and putting energy forth several people would be and that could help speed things up. So I will start us off using my new favorite quote..."It is not the mountain that tears us down. It is the grain of sand in our shoe." So lets imagine we are walking a trail that is leading us up into a mountain but there is pesky sand in our shoes causing pain and irritation with each step. So we stop, sit down, pull off those shoes and shake out the sand watching it tumble and roll away. That sand stands for whatever has you down,physical,mental,emotional whatever. Then we put those shoes back on, stand up and notice how much better our feet feel free of those sand grains. Then we start walking again ready to climb. I like to think of the mountain as complete health and the grains of sand as the cancer Paul is dealing with. When he shakes out that sand he is getting rid of cancer and we watch it roll of the side of the mountain so out of his body and our lives. Then we resume our climb to a healthy life free of sand in our shoes.

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