Monday, August 31, 2009

We saw out Naturopath today and received a lot of enlightening info. and I want to share some of it because I know that there is a lot to know concerning nutrition and diet. It can seem overwhelming sometimes but it is important. I want to make an extra point to pay attention to the list of Toxic Ingredients...these are the "other ingedients" commonly added to vitamins & supplements. We took her the bottles of everything Paul too thinking we are doing a great job and found out that most of it was not clean. This is of special importance to Paul & anyone living with a serious illness but it is important for all of us to know. These fillers come as leftovers from the wood & petroleum industry and have to be broken down by our bodies and we weren't meant to have to process these things. And as we found out just because you get your supplements and vitamins at a health food store that doesn't mean they are clean of these things.

These are...
Steric Acid
Magnesium Sterate
Sodium Benzonate
Sodium Glycoate
Calcium Sterate
Potassium Sorbate
Flavors or Natural Flavors
Silicon Dioxide
Hydroxy Proply Methlcellouse
Titanium Dioxide
Cellulose(vegatable source is ok)
So look at you bottles and if you have any of these things in them you need to start looking for a new line to buy.

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