Monday, July 5, 2010

A bright new day

You just never know or do you????? That feeling inside that talks to you should not be ignored. Yesterday turned out to be a really good day. It has been great having a close, amazing family member in town and at our house for the past few days. He has really helped us out alot and made my husband feel good. We have our best friend flying in this week and another family member coming in town over the weekend to look forward too. I spoke to a great friend the other night who is in a similar situation and she made me feel so good and optimistic. There are some people in life that are sent by angels and maybe they don't know it but they become a part of our lives for a reason and if they are family thier role in our lives becomes more than just another realative. I am so grateful for them.
It is truly amazing how making some realizations, acknowledging them out loud and looking positively forward makes a huge difference in everything, health included. Two days ago myhusband was in bad shape. It was not a good day and he had not had any good days for awhile but yesterday turned our well. We left the house twice. He slept without waking in pain and other great things are happening different today. I can't express in words my amazement & joy at this. Miracles...miracles...miracles! Never ever give up and keep the faith & hope alive. We will overcome this and we will provide inspiration and motivation to others to do the same!
I know this to be true. I feel it!

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