Monday, July 5, 2010

painting those toes

Sometimes the simplest everyday things can make a huge difference. As would be expected I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately with my husband's health issues. Overwhelmed is an understatement actually. One day just flows right into the next of pill schedules, what will he eat now, does he need another drink, making appointments, trying to keep people up to date and trying to spend quality time together somewhere in between. That means I hadn't showered in a week, my toenails needed some serious repainting and my hair, ha , frizzy out of control curls. So since he was having a good day todayI decided to take an hour to take a hot shower, wash my hair and paint my toes. The headache I have nursed since last Friday disappeared. While I was painting my toes in the living room next to my husband I felt good...normal. it is important for us all but especially those in the belly of the beast taking care of someone to stop and take that time to care for yourselves too. It makes all the difference and you will feel better. Just because you are taking care of someone you don't have to look like the crazy person on the block that everyone avoids. If you feel good you can help that person feel good. So ladies, moms, wives, sisters, grandmas, whoever you are get out the polish and paint those toes. You know it makes you feel better.

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