Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just another day

Today has been a rough & tough day. watching the person you love most in the world suffer is so extremely painful & wrong. I know it is not God's intention to make me have to watch so helplessly as my husband experiences pain or sick feelings. I also know it is not God's intention that he suffer or be sick. On days like today it is hard to keep positive but it is just these days that make it necessary to keep positive and keep hope alive. I still believe that no matter what the prognosis, no matter how impossible it seems to be that he will overcome. Cancer will be beat and so will all its' buddies that have made themselves at home recently. It is so many emotions rolled ino one. Screaming and pounding away on something seem like great ideas right about now. I am tired, my head is killing me and my neck hurts but in comparisson it is nothing. My husband needs me & wants me by his side and that is the only place I want & need to be. Tomorrow is a new day!

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